Purchase of tailoring equipment in lots

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From: GIZ Baku Office
Project number: 17.4061.2-003.00
Project name: Economic and social participation of vulnerable displaced persons and local population in the South Caucasus
Country: Azerbaijan

Subject of tender: Purchase of tailoring equipment

Dear Tender Participant,

GIZ-Baku Office would like to announce a tender on purchase of tailoring equipment.

Should you be interested in delivering of good specified in the Annex 1, we request you to submit us your financial offer incl. VAT latest by 3rd of December 2021 via email to the following email address: AZ_Quotation@giz.de. The subject of the email should be clearly marked as Financial offer/ “Tailoring Equipment”. You are welcome to submit your offers in lots or in whole.

We are expecting the delivery of good latest on 10th of December 2021 in Mingetchevir.

Pls. note that 100% of payment will be done immediately after delivery.

You can email your further questions (no bids!!!) to Sabina Hajiyeva – sabina.hajiyeva@giz.de . Please, consider that for ensuring the equal circumstances for all parties the answers to your questions will be sent to all tender participants. Please don’t send the financial proposals to this email address.

If you do not receive an order in writing within one week of expiry of the deadline for the submission of offers, your bid has not been accepted. You shall not receive separate notice to this effect.


Sabina Hajiyeva
Contracting and Procurement officer

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Sabina Hajiyeva